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laBeca brings together the world of marketing and the world of music. We believe in the power of music to generate emotions, build strong brands, tell good stories, increase awareness, create memorable events, strengthen relationships, inspire teams, change behaviours, and captivate new customers.

We compose audio identities for brands, we organise events where music is the star, we create actions in social networks focused on music, we design team building activities using music as a communication and training channel.

We can't imagine a world without music. Music inspires us to continue growing and contributing ideas to companies that, like us, believe in the great power of the universal language.

We are a team of diverse and complementary people: experts in different marketing areas, composers, designers, musicians, illustrators, DJs, programmers, actors. We like to work as a team, it enriches us and it is fun. We are curious and restless. We are committed to innovation and creativity based on simplicity. We take care of the tiniest detail. We feel lucky to work on what we like.

Adecco, Autoocupació, Camins (Catalonian Civil Engineers Association), Caprabo, Cuatrecasas, Damm, EAE Business School, ESEIAAT (School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa-UPC), EUIT (University School of Nursing and Occupational Therapy of Terrassa-UAB), laCaixa Foundation, Sant Llàtzer Foundation, Grandvalira, Grupo Pascual, Grupo Planeta, Lee Hecht Harrison, Mercedes Benz, Puig.

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Grandvalira Copa del Món

Grandvalira, the largest ski resort in the Pyrenees, organised in 2019 the most important event in its history: the Alpine Skiing World Cup Finals.

They entrusted us to create the anthem of the great competition, an optimistic and catchy song that would reinforce the values of the great sporting event and the ski resort.

Anthems are created by people when they feel represented. And laBeca has done everything possible to make that happen. We created an original theme in which we merged the main values of the competition (effort, competitiveness, technical capacity, innovation, team, universality) and those of Grandvalira (being pioneers, love for nature, proximity, pride of belonging, search for excellence). We round off the song with a war cry 'C'mon Món' in the chorus, uniting the international language par excellence and the local language. A way of synthesising the global spirit of the competition with the Andorran identity.

The song was used in the advertising campaign, presentation events, awards ceremony, videos of the competition and as a mobile phone tune for all the members of the organisation. "C'mon Món" became the anthem of a great competition in which we were all champions.

Client: Grandvalira
Year: 2019
Category: Audio Branding

Utopia1 Utopia2 Utopia3

The School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa is the largest centre of the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). In 2015, they came to laBeca to organise their biggest event: the Graduation Ceremony. They were looking for a creative agency with organisational capacity to carry out the production of the event with more than 2,000 attendees.

We organised the first Graduation Ceremony and we are still doing it. Every year we choose a different concept to create the event, and we set ourselves a new challenge in each edition.

In the 2018-2019 Graduation Ceremony, the central idea and the common thread was "utopia". We started the event with this video in which we celebrated 50 years since man’s landing on the moon and challenged all university students to be utopian. Utopia is the driving force that moves us and generates hope.

All messages from the speakers and gurus reinforced this central idea, we created a musical playlist inspired by utopia and Victor Ollé (DJ at Sala Apolo) played live on stage during the whole event. We encouraged the young engineers to show all their talent, all their energy and all their passion to design a better future.

Year: 2019
Category: Audiovisual, Event Planning

Blue Jeans Públic Blue Jeans Studio

Grupo Planeta chose us to compose the song for the book "Algo tan sencillo como darte un beso", the latest in the successful trilogy written by Blue Jeans, the Spanish best-selling author of romantic novels for young people.

To do so, we sought the collaboration of all his fans. We designed and developed an action plan in his social networks oriented to gain visibility, get more followers, improve the engagement and go viral.

To compose the song, we launched various surveys in social networks. The answers from the fans were our source of inspiration. laBeca acted as the liaison between the fans and Blue Jeans, composing the original song that they would write themselves, listening to their tastes, knowing what moves them and reflecting the people they want to be.

To select the voice, we organised an online casting. Fans could participate in it by posting their videos singing the song and also by voting for their favourite singers. The four finalists performed at the live casting where we chose "the voice of Blue Jeans".

The involvement of the author and his followers was essential to the success of the project. In the video you can meet Irene, the winner.

Client: Grupo Planeta
Year: 2017
Category: Audio Branding, Social Media Action Plan
Video created by the client

Cerdà Escenari Cerdà Els Pets Cerdà Bola

The Catalonian Civil Engineers Association celebrates every year the "Premis Cerdà" awards at the Palau de la Música Catalana venue.

In 2015, we were invited to tender for the selection of the agency that would organise the event. They were looking for a partner with new ideas and the capacity to develop the whole event with more than 700 attendees. We presented ourselves together with Banana Producciones Gastronómicas (our gastronomic partner) and won. We continue to organise their party every year.

We design and develop the ideal event according to a briefing we define annually: creative idea, common thread, corporate identity, setting, animation, host and artists choice, script writing, gastronomy. We carry out the global production of the event and collaborate with the client in its communication and dissemination.

Presenters and artists such as Núria Solé, Els Pets, Manel Fuentes, Bruno Oro, Els Amics de les Arts, Carlos Latre, La Fundación Tony Manero, Sandra Sabatés and l'Últim Indi have participated in the different parties.

Client: Camins
Year: A partir de 2015
Category: Organización de Eventos
Video created by the client

Música 1 Música Públic

Grupo Planeta, Spain's leading publishing and communication group, is committed to the development of internal talent. It develops all kinds of training activities aimed at: improving communication and cohesion within its teams, stimulating creativity, fostering a positive atmosphere in the face of new challenges, and promoting self-criticism and criticism as a growth engine.

In 2014, they requested our collaboration to design and implement innovation-oriented team buildings.

To innovate, it is necessary to open the mind and be inspired by different contexts. Under this premise, we designed and organised several team buildings with artists from different disciplines: music, graffiti, cinema or gastronomy.

The workshop with Miqui Puig and Marc Botey was the first one we delivered; therefore, we have a special affection for it. We talked about music and books, the power of teamwork, how to turn a story into a song, the good muses and the bad muses, the life of a song and the life of a book, how beautiful it is to be passionate about your work, the need to adapt and reinvent yourself, the importance of being creative (whatever you do).

Client: Grupo Planeta
Year: 2014
Category: Team Building, Event Planning, Audiovisual


Grandvalira is the largest ski resort in the Pyrenees. It has 138 ski slopes, 210 kilometres of skiable terrain and 60 refreshment points. A paradise for snow and nature lovers.

In 2014, they contacted us to organise musical events for different audiences: concerts for small groups, presentations for the media, actions on the terraces at aperitif time or the mythical "après ski".

We worked on the musical strategy, defining the ideal type of music for each location, for each audience and for each moment. We organised concerts and DJ sessions during the day, in the afternoon and at night in spectacular locations.

We have shared memorable events with artists and DJs such as Miqui Puig, Ramon Mirabet, DJ Coco, Sara Pi, Enda Beat, PinyPon DJs, Joan Dausà or Amable DJ.

The Clandestine Concerts are an example of this. Intimate, small-format concerts, surrounded by snow under the moonlight. Concerts where the closeness and complicity between artists and audience generate more than enough heat to enjoy music at -12ºC.

Client: Grandvalira
Year: 2014 – 2016
Category: Event Planning
Video created by the client


Led by Adecco and with the participation of 18 large companies, the Innovation for Employment Observatory (OIE) was created to promote a change in the employment situation in Spain.

In the survey carried out for this Observatory on the demands in the world of work, it was found that students' expectations and companies' demands differed on several points. Eliminating this gap is one of its main objectives.

With the launch spot we wanted to make the Observatory known, bring young people closer to the world of business and present the 19 founding brands. We did this by telling the story of Maria, a 24-year-old young woman who has just graduated and is looking for a job. She interacts with the 19 brands on a daily basis.

Founding brands of the Innovation for Employment Observatory are: Acciona, Adecco, Amadeus, Bankinter, BMW, Capgemini, Coca-Cola, Delaviuda, Domecq Bodegas, EY, IKEA, Línea Directa, L'Oréal, Mahou San Miguel, McDonald's, Pelayo, Sephora, SEUR and Xerox.

Client: Adecco
Year: 2014
Category: Audiovisual
Original music composed by laBeca

Pascual 1 Pascual 2 Pascual 3

Pascual, a leading Spanish company in the preparation and packaging of milk and dairy products, rebranded in 2013. Since its origins, Pascual has been a brand associated with quality. The company decided to elevate this attribute to the category of corporate brand, calling it Calidad Pascual.

Columna Colors developed the corporate identity and laBeca did the same with the audio identity. We composed an original theme that starts with an intimate set of classical instruments to reflect the tradition of the countryside and producers, the basis of the company to project itself into the future. Future is reflected in a large symphony orchestra that transmits the growth and improvement of the brand, renewing its commitment to quality, excellence and the welfare of its customers.

The song was used in the offline and online advertising campaign, in videos and presentations, at corporate events, as music on hold on the switchboard and as a polytone on mobile phones. Audio identity helped to emphasize the brand's personality and to strengthen consumer relationships.

Client: Columna Colors – Calidad Pascual
Year: 2013
Category: Audio Branding
Video created by the client

Buenos 1 Buenos 2 Buenos 3

At laBeca we are fans of illustration and animation. And we are also fans of sharing good times and enjoying life.

Our first summer as a company, we launched this video with the aim of making our customers and friends smile. It was 2011, a time of crisis.

Buenos Momentos (good times) is a simple video, with a touch of naivety and characters inspired by the aesthetics of "Pocoyo". The music and illustrations invite us to think of different moments of happiness to which we aspire on holidays, such as swimming in the sea, losing track of time, discovering new places, or enjoying a long aperitif or a good concert with friends. A "collage" of things that we like to do during the summer and that we try to do throughout the year.

Client: laBeca
Year: 2011
Category: Audiovisual
Original music composed by laBeca

Tanned Tin The Third Eye Foundation Wildpeace and Birddrums Tanned Tin The Wave Pictures

Small format festival, focused on musical criteria and respect for music. With a daring line-up of emerging independent music artists, impeccable sound quality and a very music loving audience.

We worked on the marketing strategy, created a new corporate identity by recovering the mythical cassette tape, designed all the communication elements of the festival, got sponsors and negotiated the agreements, participated in the selection of the line-up and in the organisation of the festival. A pleasure.

We shared big concerts and moments with artists like Animal Collective, Apse, Barzin, Beach House, Chris Brokaw, CocoRosie, Dakota Suite, Damien Jurado, Deerhunter, Early Day Miners, Faust, Goldmund, Julie Doiron, L'Altra, Laetitia Sadier, Lee Ranaldo, Lisabö, Matt Elliot, McEnroe, Nacho Umbert, Neil Halstead, Pau Vallvé, Paul Marshall, Piano Magic, Refree, Tara Jane O'Neil, Terry Lee Hale, The Montgolfier Brothers, The New Year, The Orchids, The Sea and Cake, The Third Eye Foundation, Thurston Moore, Tim Hecker, Wildbirds & Pacedrums, Xiu Xiu or Za!

Client: Tanned Tin
Year: 2011 – 2013
Category: Consultoría en Marketing, Identidad Corporativa
Photography: Paco Poyato